Historical background


Kgetša Primary School started on the 20th of January 1977. The School was started by members of Matobole Village (at Ga-Maja) under the leadership ofona Ralebofu Zim Lesetsa (Sakia).


The school was named after the late Onicca Mapula Ralebofu, who was married to the late Ntogo Dickson Ralebofu, who was the daughter in low to the Ralefofu clan. She was from the Chuene Royal Familyat Ga-Chuene


The Community started this school because their children were schooling at Ga-Mothiba Ngwanamago which is plus minus 3Km, because in the olden days there was no transport, this was a long distance to travelon foot.



The following are the principals of Kgetša Primary School.

Mrs Mogotlane V.R (Vivian) First Principal

Mr Maja J,M (Second Principal)

Mr Mashiane J.M (Third Principal)

Mrs Maila R.M (Fourth Principal and retired in December 2012)

Mr Vuma Z.J(Fifth Principal, who was appointed in October 2014 to 2018)

Mr Letsoalo J.M(Sixth Principal, who appointed in 2019 -)