Mission & Vision


To make the people in our community equipped with values, knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the future and enable them to play a productive role in the society through quality education.

To guide the learners, in order to give them a better way of living in the society, According to our motto “THUTO KE LEBONE”

Our aim is to lead and guide learners towards the proper way of living.


To make the educators be dedicated to their management and their teaching work in to cater the learner’s and community.

To mate the Learners, Parents and Educators to take arts in the governance of the school.

Motivate and capacitate community towards self-reliance and ownership of the school.

Ensure the equitable allocation of resources and plan, manage, administrate and utilise the school’s educational resources effectively, realistically and economically.

To make our school policy to cater the principles of non-racism, non-sexism, democracy and educational system.

To promote partnership with the community

To create and enable environment that leads our learners to lifelong learning